Scaleability & Flexibility

A fully scalable platform that will “grow” in line with your business needs combined with complete flexibility in choice of hardware

The Tracesoft platform is fully scalable – built on an architecture that operates equally well on a single mobile computer as it does fully deployed, factory wide. With functionality that facilitates controlled and manageable ‘roll-out of applications, it provides the ability to ‘grow’ in-line with business needs.

Tracesoft has been especially designed to run on any Microsoft mobile operating system to provide our customers with complete flexibility in their choice of hardware. An equally flexible choice option is the Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro hand held computer. It is not only rugged, ergonomic and cost effective, but also operates efficiently on either a Win CE .Net or windows mobile (Pocket PC) platforms.

Tracesoft your complete Traceability and Quality Management Solution